Let our experience in aircraft sales and acquisitions guide you or your company through the very complex process of buying and selling. Just in the last several years there have been several additional international requirements added to the registering of large and turbine powered aircraft as well as required legal languages in contracts.


Our team of professionals will work closely with you in determining the best type of aircraft to acquire and can give you a realistic estimate of the total cost of operation. There are many aspects of aircraft ownership and aircraft management that are easily overlooked and can add not thousands but hundreds of thousand of dollars to the immediate and long term cost of operation.


If you are new to the aircraft ownership market, call us for a free assessment of your aircraft needs and rest assured you will be getting an honest and complete recommendation.


In need of selling an aircraft, Scott Richard Aviation can offer an aircraft valuation based on current market conditions and we offer a very competitive 3.5% sales commission on all transactions.