The Bottom Line


We know it’s the bottom line price that matters to you. After all, it’s the total quote that’s important, not just the rate per hour. That’s why all our retail quotes are fixed price quotes. No surprises when you get the final invoice. The only adjustment you will see between your quote and the final invoice is for deicing fees, catering or other specialty items which are re-billed at actual cost. These items will be coordinated with you prior to incurring the expense – again, no surprises.


Land Where You Need To Be


You have more airport choices when you fly with us because our aircraft are designed to operate from large and small airports. That means more time doing business and less time wasted driving back and forth to the large commercial airports many of our competitors use.


Bring Your Pets!


We are a pet-friendly operator. If you like to travel with the family pet, it will be allowed to roam around in the cabin with you. Just let us know when you arrange the flight details.


Work in Comfort and Privacy


The luxurious and spacious club seating aboard our aircraft is like a flying conference room. Take advantage of the on-board space to spread out, review materials, and work on presentations without strangers looking over your shoulder or listening to your conversations.